Saturday, August 20, 2011

Natural Hair Question of the Week: To Poo or Not to Poo?

Okay, there is a lot of thoughts about this subject. I just going  to give my input. Many people say it depends on your hair type.  Okay, if that is so why is it that two people with 4a hair type react differently with same products? I do think that it is helpful to talk to people of same type but you have to try thing on your own to figure out what your hair do or don’t like. Everyones hair is different. I am considered a 4a (using this system due to the popularity of it) and shampoo at least once week, sometimes twice depending on what products I am using that week. I watched this chick on youtube and she said that she shampoo her hair once a month. Now, she claim to use all natural products and it is true that natural products tend not to build up as bad as non-natural products. Never the less, natural products do build up.  Co-washing does not clean your hair very well unless you are using a cleansing conditioner (eventually you do need to poo every so often). Now, I believe that the scalp needs some air occasionally and applying products after products without proper cleaning cannot be good. This is just my opinion and I am a firm believer that in the natural world, ‘do you’. Meaning, that do whatever make you feel comfortable and what your hair likes. If your like poo once a month or twice a week, that is okay. Comment below about your experience with shampooing or not shampooing. ‘Til next time, xoxo.

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