Monday, September 19, 2011

Product Review: Henna

Sorry, I have been MIA for awhile. I didn’t have time to write between work, family trip, and being sick. I have been doing henna since I have went natural. I started doing it twice a week and now I am doing it once a month. I combined henna, amla, bhringraj, fenugreek seed, hibiscus petal, kapur kachri, and shikakai powders together with water and lemon juice. I applied it to my hair in sections and sat under my steamer for about 3 hrs (took breaks so, it was on my head for 4 hours). I then, shampoo the paste out of my hair and applied my conditioner. Then, I rinse out my conditioner, applied my leave-in and styler. My hair now has this copper tint to it when I am out in the sun or certain lighting. My curls are more defined, softer, and manageable. Together the powders suppose to promote hair growth and thickness. I do think that overall, I did see less breakage and hair fall. I will continue to use the DC treatment until I grow tired of mixing. Below are pics of my hair with the paste and after I have rinse it out.  ‘Til next time, xoxo.   

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