Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lace Wig Review: Heavenly Lox “Kandi”

I know you ladies been waiting on this review. I purchase “Kandi” a few months ago and rock her twice now. She is 20” silky texture full lace wig in a color chocolate truffle (mixture of browns and reddish browns). It was a custom due to the color and small cap size. I am on a search for a good company that you don’t have to wait forever and a day for your unit because you need a small cap instead of the standard medium. First, I must say I love the color (got a lot complements). This company really know they stuff. The lace was nice (the color and it somewhat melts into the skin). But I was a bit disappointed in that it sheds and tangle a lot. Maybe it is because it is a silky texture and it is easier for the knots to come loose. I did everything I was suppose to do at night (put the hair into a braided ponytail and sleep in a satin bonnet). I was frustrate because I paid over $400 for it. The packaging was very nice but what’s the point if the product is not at all impressive. I am not new at all to the lace wig world so, I felt like I should not have these type of problems or it should be at the minimum. I am not saying I will never buy from them again. But I would wait for a really good sale. Maybe,  I would try the yaki texture and have better luck. I will rock it until I can't because I did pay a lot for it.  If anyone had experience with this company, leave a comment. ‘Til next time, xoxo.


  1. Yeah. I've experienced that too. I stick to sassy secrets

  2. I have bought a couple wigs from heavenly lox and they shed a lot.I bought tge virgin malaysian & a bkdy wave in a slight yaki texture. The virgin malaysian sheds alot.The yaki dried up after 1 wash & became unmanagable. I called to complain about the last one shedding so much and the woman said their wigs don't shed if you look after them properly. I have been wearing lace wigs for 4 yrs so I know how to take care of them. I've stopped buying from this company. I wasn't happy with their product especially since I paid 400$ for one wig.