Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lace Wig Review: Sassy Secret- Serenity 22” Virgin Malaysian Hair

Here is another lace wig review. Serenity is a natural color 22” virgin Malaysian hair full lace with stretch panel in the middle. The lace color is medium brown.  The hair texture is a tightly curl pattern. It other words, gorgeous. The hair is so soft and beautiful. The parting is on point. The hair very natural looking. I have received so many compliments over this unit. Strangers actually thought it was my own hair. I had this wig since January and it is holding up strong. Again because this is a curly unit I do not bond down the back (still can wear in a low ponytail) nor straighten it. If you like  big, curly hair. Then, this unit is for you. There is three down size to Sassy Secret. 1. The knots were not bleached. I did a faux bleaching on the unit. 2. The price was pretty steep. Might want to wait for a sale. 3. Limited amount of the units come in a small cap size:( and you wait 5-7 business days before your unit ship. Most of the silky, virgin, and fine yaki texture come in small size. There is a small cap size section but it doesn’t list all of them. Will I buy from them? Yes. Maybe I would wait until there is a sale. Here is the link to the website:

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